Centro de Excelencia en Nuevos Materiales

Data on A parametric temperature dependent potential for b-PbF2: A numerical investigation by molecular dynamics.
Jeison Daniel López, Griselda García, Hernando Correa, Edgar Mosquera, Jesús E. Diosa.
Data in Brief 28, 104865 (2020)


Study of the structural and optical properties of nanoparticles of Pr1−xSrxMnO3 (x = 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5) obtained by a modified polymer complex method.
C.J. Aguilar, J.E. Diosa, E. Mosquera, J.E. Rodriguez-Paez
Materials Science & Engineering B 260 (2020) 114617


Data from the study of CdS:Al thin films grown by the method of chemical bath deposition afteraging
Edgaer Mosquera, Jesús Diosa and Arturo Fernández-Pérez
Ingeniería y Competitividad 22 (2020) 8853
Doi 10.25100iyc/v22i1.8853


Data on A parametric temperature dependent potential for b-PbF2: A numerical investigation by molecular dynamics
Jeison D. López, Griselda García, Hernando Correa, Edgar Mosquera, Jesús E.
Data in brief 28 (2020) 104865


Data on a temperature-dependent thermic and electrical properties of a novel blend polymeric system based on poly(vinyl alcohol), chitosan and phosphoric acid
Jonathan Vera , Edgar Mosquera, Jesús Evelio Diosa
Data in brief 29 (2020) 105203


The structural, optical and magnetic property of iron oxides submicron particles synthesized by the Pechini method from steel industry wastes.
Monica A. Vargas, Jesús E. Diosa, Edgar Mosquera,
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 513 (2020) 167243


Development of a Chitosan/PVA/TiONanocomposite for Application as a Solid Polymeric Electrolyte in Fuel Cells
Elio Enrique Ruiz Gómez, José Herminsul Mina Hernández and Jesús Evelio Diosa Astaiza
Polymers 12 (2020) 1691


Ultrasonic-assisted sol–gel synthesis of TiO2 nanostructures: Influence of synthesis parameters on morphology, crystallinity, and photocatalytic performance
Y. Quintero, E. Mosquera, J. Diosa, A. García
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A new position in α-RbAg4I5 at room temperature by molecular dynamics simulations
J. C. Burbano, H. Correa and D. Peña Lara
MOLECULAR SIMULATION 2020, VOL. 46, NO. 5, 375–379 


Structural and transport properties for the superionic conductors AgI and RbAg4I5 throughmolecular dynamic simulation.
E. I. Vivas, · Peña Lara D. · García Muriel Alvaro


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J.D. López, L. Tirado, H. Ariza, H Riascos, F. de Anda, E. Mosquera
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Synthesis of Gd2O3/CdO composite by sol-gel method: Structural, morphological, optical, electrochemical and magnetic studies
R. Sivasamy, P. Venugopal, Edgar Mosquera
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DOI: 10.1016/j.vacuum.2020.109255


Luminescence at low temperature in pure ZnO phosphors.
Edgar Mosquera
Ingeniería y Competitividad 22(2), 1-7 (2020)
DOI: 10.25100/iyc.22i2.8846


Influence of copper doping on structural, morphological, optical, and vibrational properties of ZnO nanoparticles synthesized by sol gel method
Carolina Rojas-Michea, Mauricio Morel, Francisco Gracia, Gerardo Morell, Edgar Mosquera
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DOI: 10.1016/j.surfin.2020.100700


Influence of Bi doping on the luminescence of ZnO phosphors
Edgar Mosquera
Optik Volume 218, September 2020, 165102
DOI:  10.1016/j.ijleo.2020.165102


Observation of unexpected uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 films by a BaTiO3 overlayer in an artificial multiferroic bilayer
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Magnetic vortex nucleation and annihilation in bi-stable ultra-small ferromagnetic particles.
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Exotic Transverse-Vortex Magnetic Configurations in CoNi Nanowires
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ACS Nano, 14, 1399-1405 (2019)


Alkali-Activated Hybrid Concrete Based on Fly Ash and Its Application in the Production of High-Class Structural Blocks
Oriana Rojas-Duque, Lina M. Espinosa, Rafael A. Robayo-Salazar and Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez.
Crystals 10 (2020) 946. 
DOI: 10.3390/cryst10100946 


Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) Recycling—As Both Binder and Aggregates—In Alkali-Activated Materials: A Novel Re-Use Concept.
Rafael A. Robayo-Salazar, William Valencia-Saavedra and Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez.
Sustainability 12 (2020) 5775. 
DOI: 10.3390/su12145775


Fly ash-based geopolymer as A4 type soil stabilizer
Jhonathan F. Rivera, Armando Orobio, Nuno Cristelo, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez.
Transportation Geotechnics 25 (2020) 100409. 
DOI: 10.1016/j.trgeo.2020.100409 


Compressed and stabilized soil blocks with fly ash-based alkali-activated cements.
Jhonathan F. Rivera, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez, Sandra Ramirez-Benavides, Armando Orobio.
Construction and Building Materials 264 (2020) 120285. 
DOI: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2020.120285


Resistance to Chemical Attack of Hybrid Fly Ash-Based Alkali-Activated
William G. Valencia-Saavedra, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez.
Concretes Molecules 25 (2020) 3389. 
DOI: 10.3390/molecules25153389


Alkali-activated concretes based on high unburned carbon content fly ash: carbonation and corrosion performance.
William G. Valencia-Saavedra, Ana María Aguirre-Guerrero, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez. 
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering 2020. 
DOI: 10.1080/19648189.2020.1785948 


Performance of FA-based geopolymer concretes exposed to acetic and sulfuric acids. 
William G. Valencia-Saavedra, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez, Francisca Puertas
Construction and Building Materials 257 (2020) 119503. 
DOI: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2020.119503 


Clayey soil stabilization using alkali-activated cementitious materials.
Jhonathan F. Rivera, Armando Orobio, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez, Nuno Cristelo.
Materiales de Construcción 70(337) (2020), e211.
DOI: 10.3989/mc.2020.07519


Evaluation of the Antibacterial Activity of a Geopolymer Mortar Based on Metakaolin Supplemented with TiO2 and CuO Particles Using Glass Waste as Fine Aggregate
Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez, Mónica Villaquirán-Caicedo, Sandra Ramírez-Benavides, Myriam Astudillo, Daniel Mejía. 
Coatings 10 (157) (2020). 
DOI: 10.3390/coatings10020157 


Effect of ZnO content on the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of glass-ceramics in the CaO–SiO2–Al2O3 system.
Estefanía Montoya-Quesada, Mónica A. Villaquirán-Caicedo, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez, J. Muñoz-Saldaña.
Ceramics International 46 (2020) 4322-4328. 


Alkali-activated metakaolin mortars using glass waste as fine aggregate: Mechanical and photocatalytic properties.
Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez, Mónica A. Villaquirán-Caicedo, Luis A. Guzmán-Aponte. 
Construction and Building Materials 235 (2020)117510. 
DOI: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2019.117510


Carbonation-induced corrosion of alkali-activated binary concrete based on natural volcanic pozzolan
Rafael A. Robayo-Salazar, Ana María Aguirre-Guerrero, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez. 
Construction and Building Materials 232 (2020)117189. 
DOI: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2019.117189


Alkali-activated concretes based on fly ash and blast furnace slag: Compressive strength, water absorption and chloride permeability
Daniela E. Angulo-Ramírez, William G. Valencia-Saavedra, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez.
Ingeniería e Investigación 40 (2) (2020) 72-80. 
DOI: 10.15446/ing.investig.v40n2.83893 


Fe content and calcination temperature effects on CuO nanoparticles
H. Colorado and G. A. Pérez Alcázar,
Hyperfine Interactions, 241 51 (2020)


Mössbauer spectroscopy in the system (Nd1-xCex)1.1Fe10CoTi with ThMn12 structure
H. Martínez Sánchez, Daniel Salazar, L. E. Zamora Alfonso, J. S. Trujillo Hernández, J. A. Tabares Giraldo, and G. A. Pérez Alcázar
Hyperfine Interactions 241 44 (2020).


Mössbauer and structural study of the Fe3Sn system and the Effect of Doping with Indium
C. A. Palchucán, Ligia E. Zamora, G. A. Pérez Alcázar, and J. A. Tabares
Hyperfine Interactions 241 42 (2020).
DOI: 10.1007/s10751-020-1702-8


Variation of Structural and Hyperfine Parameters of (Fe0.70Al0.30)1-xNbx, with x= 0, 0.05, 0.10 and 0.20 System, Obtained by Mechanical Alloying
Ruby R. Rodríguez, Germán A. Pérez Alcázar, Hernán Colorado, and Ligia E. Zamora
Journal Physics Conference Series, 1541 012014 (2020).
DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/1541/1/012014


Production and structural and magnetic characterization of cooper oxide nanocrystals with large Fe contents
J. D. Arias, H. Colorado, M. Benítez, and G. A. Pérez Alcázar
Hyperfine Interactions 241, 58 (2020)


Study of the exchange ferromagnetic coupling between hard t-Mn53.3Al45.0C1.7 and soft Mn50B50 magnetic alloys
H. Martínez Sánchez, L. E. Zamora Alfonso, J. S. Trujillo Hernandez, D. Salazar, and G. A. Pérez Alcázar
Applied Physics A, (2020) 126: 843 


Effect of Nitrogenation on the Intrinsic Magnetic Properties of the Compounds (Nd1-xCe)1.1Fe₁₀CoTi
H. Martínez Sánchez, L. E. Z. Alfonso, J. S. T. Hernandez, D. S. Jaramillo and G. A. P. Alcázar
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Theoretical and Experimental Study of FeSi on Magnetic and Phase Properties
J. F. Piamba, C. Ortega, R. Hernández-Bravo, J. M. González Carmona, J. A. Tabares, G. A. Pérez Alcázar, and J.M. Alvarado-Orozco
Applied Physics A (2020) 126: 849


Structural and mechanical properties study of CNx/MoS2 multilayer coatings obtained by sputtering
Aime M Gutiérrez-Peralta, Edgar Cruz-Valeriano, Carlos Ávila-Herrera, Christian I Enríquez Flores, Gustavo Zambrano, Jorge Morales-Hernández, Joel Moreno Palmerin and José M Yañez-Limón.
Mater. Res. Express 7 (2020) 116411


Efecto de la nanoestructura sobre las propiedades térmicas y magnéticas de nanomateriales tipo 2D y 0D. Effect of nanoestructure on the thermal and magnetic properties of 2D and 0D type nanomaterials
Gustavo Zambrano
Rev. Acad. Colomb. Cienc. Ex. Fis. Nat. 44(170):153-168, enero-marzo de 2020.
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.18257/raccefyn.916


Structure and Surface Morphology Effect on the Cytotoxicity of [Al2O3/ZnO]n/316L SS Nanolaminates Growth by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
D. Osorio, J. Lopez, H. Tiznado, Mario H. Farias, M. A. Hernandez-Landaverde, M. Ramirez-Cardona, J. M. Yañez-Limon, J. O. Gutierrez, J. C. Caicedo and G. Zambrano
Crystals 2020, 10, 620


Experimental realisation of tunable ferroelectric/superconductor (BTO/YBCO)N/STO 1D photonic crystals in the whole visible spectrum
Luz E. González, John E. Ordoñez, Carlos A. Melo‑Luna, Evelyn Mendoza, David Reyes, Gustavo Zambrano, Nelson Porras‑Montenegro, Juan C. Granada, Maria E. Gómez & John H. Reina
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Graphene Oxide Thin Films: Synthesis and Optical Characterization
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Physical properties evolution in carbon foams as function of synthesizing temperature
J. C. Caicedo, K. Gross, W. Aperador
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Functionalization of multilayer fullerenic nanostructures with L-lysine for supercapacitor applications: Comparing oxidation against diazonium salt methods.
José D. Velásquez, Juan C. Rubio, Manuel N. Chaur
Diamond and Related Materials Volume 105, May 2020, 107771


Evaluation of the Covalent Functionalization of Carbon Nano-Onions with Pyrene Moieties for Supercapacitor Applications
José D Velásquez, Monika Tomczykowa, Marta E Plonska-Brzezinska, Manuel N Chaur
Materiales (Basel) . 2020 Mar 4;13(5):1141
doi: 10.3390/ma13051141.


Nanostructural catalyst: metallophthalocyanine and carbon nano-onion with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity towards organic pollutants
Elzbieta Regulska ,  Piotr Olejnik,   Halyna Zubyk,   Justyna Czyrko-Horczak,   Manuel N. Chaur,    Monika Tomczykowa,   Olena Butsyk,   Krzysztof Brzezinski,  Luis Echegoyen *F Y Marta E. Plonska-Brzezinska
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Synthesis of Chitosan Beads Incorporating Graphene Oxide/Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles for In Vivo Studies
Carlos David Grande Tovar, Jorge Iván Castro, , Carlos Humberto Valencia, Paula A. Zapata, Moisés A. Solano, Edwin Florez López, Manuel N. Chaur ,  Mayra Eliana Valencia Zapata and José Herminsul Mina Hernandez
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Nanocomposite Films of Chitosan-Grafted Carbon Nano-Onions for Biomedical Applications
Carlos David Grande Tovar, Jorge Iván Castro, Carlos Humberto Valencia, Diana Paola Navia Porras, José Herminsul Mina Hernández, Mayra Eliana Valencia Zapata y Manuel N. Chaur 
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Síntesis, Caracterización y Evaluación Histológica de Chitosan-Ruta Graveolens Essential Oil Films
Carlos David Grande Tovar, OrcIDJorge Iván Castro, Carlos Humberto Valencia Llano, Diana Paola Navia Porras, Johannes Delgado Ospina, Mayra Eliana Valencia Zapata, José Herminsul Mina Hernández y DManuel N. Chaur 
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Photophysical and Electrochemical Properties of a Zinc(II) [2×2] Metallogrid and its Bis(hydrazone) Ditopic Ligand
Miguel A. Rosero-Mafla  Jorge Iván Castro  Norha E. Sánchez  Dr. Cesar A. Mujica-Martinez  Dr. Manuel N. Chaur
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 Effect of ZnO content on the physial, mechanical and chemical properties of glass-ceramics in the CaO–SiO2–Al2O3 system.
E. Montoya-Quesada, M. A. Villaquirán-Caicedo, R. Mejía de Gutiérrez, J. Muñoz Saldaña.
Ceramics International (in press) 


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J. F. Rivera, N. Cristello, A. Fernández-Jimenes, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez
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Improving the ionic conductivity in nanostructured membranes based on poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA), chitosan (CS), phosphoric acid (H3PO4), and niobium oxide (Nb2O5)
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Ionics.International Journal of Ionics The Science and Technology of Ionic Motion - Accepted: 9 October 2018


(E )-5-[1-Hydroxy-3-(3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl)allylidene]-1,3- dimethylpyrimidine-2,4,6-trione: crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis
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Synthesis and Application of Scaffolds of Chitosan-Graphene Oxide by the Freeze-Drying Method for Tissue Regeneration
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DOI: 10.1039/c8nj03817a


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